The WeQual Awards identifies already successful senior women who are one level below C-suite; aimed at tackling the slow progress in appointing women to executive roles.

WeQual London 2020 is open.

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About WeQual

The WeQual Awards have been created to identify and recognise world-class women executives, one level below the Executive Committees in UK FTSE businesses.

All entries will be treated with the strictest confidence.

It is clearer than ever that women are underrepresented in working life, with businesses reporting sobering gender pay gap figures and the government-backed Hampton-Alexander Review continuing to expose shortcomings in representation of women in the FTSE 100 and 250.

There is a huge challenge to rebalance the Executive Committee appointment rate and a need to identify and recognise these women.

The WeQual Awards have a valuable role to play in making this possible and aims to reach and honour the women that are on the cusp of leading the UK FTSE companies.

About Katie

Having worked alongside FTSE 100 senior leaders throughout her 18-year career at the Financial Times, Katie has witnessed first hand the challenges companies are facing in developing people into senior roles. Katie was struck by the size of the shortfall between the target number of women required on the Executive Committees and the current representation figure.

Katie became the Executive Director of the Financial Times' FT 125 in 2013, a forum that provides FT-curated events for senior executives. She later founded the very popular FT 125 Women’s Forum for mid-level career women in the FTSE.

Katie was responsible for continuing to build one of the most well-regarded business networks for executives across the Square Mile and beyond. Past speakers at events organised by Katie include Bill Gates, George Osborne and Kofi Annan.

So Katie devised the WeQual Awards, calling for women leaders at the FTSE 100 and 250 to build their case as to why they are deserving to be appointed as leaders. Driven by her own experience of being one step from the top during her career, Katie’s priority is to identify and recognise women and drive a gender rebalance across the Executive Committees of companies across the Globe.

*Source: Hampton-Alexander Review 2018
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How to

Entry WeQual London 2020 Dates:

To enter, you must be a woman who at the date of entry submission, be a direct report into an executive committee member of FTSE 100 or FTSE 250 listed company.
All finalists must attend the award ceremony. All entries will be treated with the strictest confidence.

  • 01 Entries open on 2 April, 2020
  • 02 Entries closes on 11 May, 2020
  • 03 Three finalists per award are announced on Tuesday 2 June, 2020
  • 04 Finalists have 1-1 call / meeting with a WeQual Judge w/c 1 June, 2020
  • 05 WeQual Winners announced in September 2020

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The WeQual Awards categories are mapped against eight roles on the Executive Committee, identifying women who report into their executive committee working in the following areas.

Women are encouraged to self-nominate for the awards. To remove any bias during the initial judging process, finalists will be selected through a blind assessment removing identification details from candidates.

The 10 assessment questions are derived from a research-based meta-analysis of the factors and characteristics that mark leaders as different from non-leaders (Kirkpatrick and Locke, 1991). Importantly, these six characteristics lack much of the gendered and Anglo-American layers that make it harder for women and other minorities to appear as leaders with their own tone and style;

  • Drive
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Self-Confidence
  • Cognitive Ability
  • Knowledge of Business

Asking nominees to describe how they are seen to deliver on these characteristics allows them to demonstrate how they are seen as a leader and indeed engage people who see them as fit to lead.

According to researchers, Lord & Maher, 1990, “to be a leader, one must be perceived as a leader” and these 10 questions will allow nominees to use an objective framework to describe the effectiveness of their own leadership.

All entries will be treated with the strictest confidence.

















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With comprehensive experience in production and post-production, it is their aim to ensure that their clients’ stories resonate with their stakeholders and impact on new audiences.

They are now delighted to be bringing this knowledge and experience to support the WeQual awards.

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As Chief Executive I’m thrilled that Crisis is the first charity partner for the WeQual Awards Dinner – championing the diversity in leadership we need to create a fairer, and more effective, society.

Crisis is the national charity for homeless people. We help people directly out of homelessness, and campaign for the changes needed to solve it altogether. Our goal is simply that together we will end homelessness. It is not inevitable and shouldn’t need to happen in 21st Century Britain.


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Katie Litchfield
Founder and Chief Executive
WeQual Awards
M: 07796 147 466 E: